Creating Dreams in Precious Metals

  • Where Forever Begins

    Zack showed up at 5:15 on Tuesday evening. After getting the blessing from Lauren's father, his next step was to get an engagement ring from Lauren's brother, Andrew. Andrew knew his sister had a specific ring in mind and pulled it from the showcase... but Zack had his heart set on something else... View Post
  • Family Crest Jewelry

    Just recently one of our customers requested that Malachi and Andrew make him some cuff links and a ring with his family crest.  We think this is an awesome idea for men's jewelry - Angelica just recently had a pendant made for Andrew's 30th birthday, and Jonathan won an award this past April for... View Post
  • "The coolest thing I've ever done"

    Malachi answered the phone to find the friendly voice of one of our Custom Design customers, Mary Bruce, on the other end. She had some questions (& answers to our questions) about the rings we were designing for her. She came in with her own jewelry and diamonds and wanted to re-create them ... View Post

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