Where Forever Begins

Where Forever Begins

Zack showed up at 5:15 on Tuesday evening. After getting the blessing from Lauren's father, his next step was to get an engagement ring from Lauren's brother, Andrew. Andrew knew his sister had a specific ring in mind and pulled it from the showcase... but Zack had his heart set on something else. When they first started dating, Lauren sent him a picture of a ring she really loved - and he had saved that picture in hopes of having it made for her. 

So that's exactly what we did.


Taken from Zack and Lauren's Facebook posts:

"I woke up this morning at 6 am to drag this one out of bed and take her to breakfast. I had a skip in my step and a ring in my pocket. After sustaining her morning hatred with coffee, I took her down to the beach for a breakfast picnic. I had it all planned it out in my head, what I was gonna say, what I was gonna do. All I got out was "I want to spend the rest of my life with you..." Then I got down on one knee and started to cry. I can't believe I get to wake up to you every morning and spend every moment with you."

"About a year and a half ago I was working in Waumba Land. I needed help moving a big prop on the stage and guess who facilities sent down to help this LDP in distress? None other than Zachary DeGrendel. Several months later when I found out he had a crush on me, I told him "don't get your hopes up." Another couple months later when he first asked me to be his girlfriend, I said "no, not yet." And then today when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, I confidently said YES!! I'm so glad God knew what I needed even when I didn't. ❤️"

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