"The coolest thing I've ever done"

"The coolest thing I've ever done"

Malachi answered the phone to find the friendly voice of one of our Custom Design customers, Mary Bruce, on the other end. She had some questions (& answers to our questions) about the rings we were designing for her. She came in with her own jewelry and diamonds and wanted to re-create them into something more modern and unique. As they were discussing the project, she said "I just want to tell you, this is the coolest thing I've ever done."

We love the jewelry business, but that right there is what makes our jobs so fun. We love the whole process of creation - from the initial idea, to seeing it in wax, casting it into metal, setting stones...and finally, delivering it to the (happy & excited!) person who will get to enjoy it for the rest of their lives (or at least until the next re-design - haha!).

You can have your own "coolest" experience - contact us or come in and see us to get the process started. 

Check out her and Malachi's designs below!

Update 9/13/2017: Check out this awesome review from her husband!

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