Meet the team

Dave Meadows, GIA Graduate Gemologist, Master Jeweler and Award Winning Designer

Lovingly confused to be "Art", Dave is the CEO and founder of the Art Jewelers Woodstock location. 

Dave is a Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America.  He is certified by the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. He is a Master Bench Jeweler and certified by LaserStar. He is proficient in wax carving, casting, finishing, setting, fabrication, mold making, mass finishing, special order production, laser work, problem solver, counselor, missionary and preacher. 

He also enjoys his Harley, drumming for his band "Awaken the Hero", and spending time with his family.

Dave (Middle) with his band, Awaken the Hero


Jonathan Meadows, Award Winning Designer & Master Jeweler

Jonathan is the oldest of Dave's children in the business, and took to the bench at a young age. He's an artist with a knack for hand fabrication, an appreciation for high karat gold, pure silver, and rare gemstones, and has developed many lines of jewelry and award winning pieces. He loves his family and his furry family - you may see his Newfoundland Eddison, and/or two Westies, Dulce and Silver, hanging out with him in the shop.

Andrew McDeermond, GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional & CAD Designer

Andrew has been "in the family" for the last 9+ years, and married Angelica in March 2012. We hired him in May 2013 to help on the sales floor, but he quickly took an interest in...everything. He's a fast learner, loves people, and loves jewelry. He enjoys unique and creative pieces. He loves helping his customer find exactly what they're looking for and helping create the memories that go along with each piece of jewelry. He immediately started classes with GIA and has already completed Jewelry, Gemstones, & Diamond Essentials. In 2015 he began learning CAD design, and now enjoys creating cool pieces for customers and for the showcase. 

Andrew loves cars, music, and spending time with his wife, son, and 2 golden retrievers.

Malachi Meadows, Award Winning Designer & CAD Designer

"I've been watching and learning the industry through my family ever since I was little. I've learned from my grandparents, parents, older siblings and even my cousins. My favorite part about working here is having the freedom to be creative in designing and crafting custom pieces of jewelry. I love the idea of our customers going home knowing they have a truly unique piece. I've always thought "one of a kind" sounded pretty cool.
Outside of work I still love to design and create. I'm always trying to solve problems and come up with new ideas. I'm usually either reading marketing books and entrepreneurial success stories or I'm working on my next idea, but regardless of money, I just love the creative process. One of my favorite things in high school was entering my artwork in competitions. I used to enter art in tons of different categories from mixed media paintings, to sculptures and jewelry because it didn't matter. I love it all."



Angelica McDeermond, GIA Graduate Diamonds & Award Winning Designer

Angelica has been working at Art Jewelers since she graduated High School in 2008. Following in her father's footsteps, she has almost completed her education with GIA to also be a Graduate Gemologist. She enjoys designing jewelry, photography, and working with family. She and Andrew just had their first child, Judah, this past May.





Lauren McDeermond, Model & Sales 

Lauren has been modeling for us for a few years now, and was added to the sales team over the summer. She loves people and fashion, so the role fits her perfectly. She also works in her church, Woodstock City, and is enrolled in school working toward a degree in Human Services. She just recently got engaged and is planning to marry her fiance' Zack in March 2018.






Julie Spoor, Bookkeeper & Back Office 

Julie is also family (are you surprised yet?), and you may see her running around and keeping us straight. She handles misc needs around the store, like restocking packaging supplies and adding Pandora inventory. 




 Jeremiah Meadows, part-time

Jeremiah is Dave's youngest son, and fills in during busy seasons. He is currently pursuing a degree in Music Education at Truett McConnell University.




Grace Meadows, part-time

Grace is Dave's youngest daughter. She's still in High school, but she loves coming in during the busy times or to fill in when other staff is on vacation.