Custom Jewelry

We try to keep the process as simple (and fun) for you as possible... 

Step One: Come in for your FREE design consultation 

no strings attached.

Can't make it in? Email us with your ideas and information, and we'd be happy to work with you. We're Atlanta based, but we've made pieces for people all over the world through email and snail mail communication.

Helpful tips: Bring in any design inspiration you have - Pinterest and Google images are a great place to check out. We are designers, but this process is about you and what you like, not about us. If you want to use your own materials or trade in old jewelry, bring that along, too.



Step Two: CAD & Rendering 

Our award winning designers will create a 3D model of your custom design, from which they can "render" it to look just like an image of the completed piece. We will email it to you, and from there you can let us know how we did, and whether or not you want to make any changes.



Step Three: Wax Model

We "print" a wax version of your design, which you can come by to see and try on for final approval. From here we use it to set up and cast with. 


Step Four: Casting & Finishing


One of our master jewelers takes the wax and uses it to cast your piece. What comes out is raw and unpolished. The jewelry then goes through a series of tumbling, filing, and polishing. The final step is to set the stones (if there are any).





All that is left to do is enjoy it. Depending on the complexity of the design, the whole process takes about 3-6 weeks.