Our History

Arthur Meadows immigrated into Canada from Manchester England in the early 1900’s.  He apprenticed with a Jeweler in Toronto, Canada.  In 1926 he launched out on his own, opening Art Jewelers in Detroit, Michigan.  His sons: Gene, Glenn, and Art Jr. continued in the business passing on the craft to the next generation.  Currently the original Art Jewelers continues, though relocated to Plymouth, MI.  Dave and Doug Meadows each own stores in GA. Art Jr. and his son Kent have a store in Ocala, FL.


 “I love the craft I was privileged to have been born into.  I love the fact that I get to work with something that God created for our enjoyment.  It speaks to His glory and creativity. That He hid gems in the ground for us to discover, and that gems take light and transform it into a rainbow of colors.   For generations it has been the ‘token of love’ between husband and wife.  I love to work to create something that remains for generations.  I love that jewelry carries memories and ties to our life stories.  Jewelry screams ‘I Love You’, ‘You are important to me’, ‘I’m willing to sacrifice for you’. 

                I love my wife and family.  I was married on the first legal day possible.  I was 19 and on Sheila’s 16th birthday with our parents blessing we got our marriage license – after the 3 day required wait, we were wed – it was Valentine’s Day in 1975. Together we have had 9 children- 5 have married, and as of May 2017, we have 8 grandchildren.  The journey of life continues and I love it.  I love the memories and I love the anticipation of things to come.  Of all men, I consider myself most blessed by my wife and family" - Dave